Table made with interlocking joints, hand finished by planing. Top in extra-clear glass.


SUGGESTED DIMENSIONS: in 78.7 x h 29.1 x d 39.4

Italian walnut

Hand planed

Customized and made with:
European cherry, Slavonian oak, maple.

Pisano is a table whose structure is made with interlocking joints, hand finished on all sides by planing.
The top is made of 2 cm thick extra-clear glass.
The entire manufacturing and finishing process is carried out manually in our workshop.
The wood used for this piece is Juglans Regia – common Italian walnut; not dried but “raw”. This wood belongs to the Latin tradition of furniture-making and features an extremely compact fibre which can however be worked without too much difficulty; it is therefore highly suitable for household items.
Over time the wood hardens and becomes extremely resistant, and oxidises slightly to take on a progressively warmer amber colour.
The intense rationality of the form flourishes and becomes exquisite at the four points where the legs are inserted with a three-way dovetail joint which is the only decorative feature.


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Dimensions, essences and finishes in this works are customizable.