The architecture, materials and quality of execution should valorise the kitchen as a place in which we rediscover the joy of making and sharing; value it as a place of life and beauty.

The need to consider the kitchen as a space of gathering and communication, as a place for the possible rediscovery of beauty: for us this is increasingly deeply felt.

In the kitchen the simple act of preparing food to share with family and friends, alongside our encounter with the colours and scents of the fruits of the earth, become vitalising rootedness and a rediscovery of our humanity.

For this reason we seek to awaken the echoes – today muted by our intoxication with technology – of the relationships which have always been man’s nourishment for body and soul, and which have always shown us – in utter truth – our sacred connection with the universe: hence the linear architecture of the assemblage, the correct organisation of functions, the exaltation of the raw material and the precise definition of every detail. In our view, space must once again be inhabited and inhabitable; it should reconcile man with the earth. The structures that define it should facilitate this experience of living inside beauty as a relationship with the other: man and nature to infinity.