Seat in solid wood with interlocking structure, finished by hand planing.


SUGGESTED DIMENSIONS: in 17,7 x h 40.5 x d 20


SUGGESTED DIMENSIONS: in 17,7 x h 40.5 x d 20

Italian walnut - maple

Hand planed

Customized and made with:
Slavonian oak

Vela is a chair with a solid wood structure assembled by interlocking.
It is available in two versions: in hand planed Italian walnut or sanded maple. The entire manufacturing and finishing process is carried out manually in our workshop.
Juglans Regia – common Italian walnut – not dried but “raw”, belongs to the Latin tradition of furniture-making. It features an extremely compact fibre which can however be worked without too much difficulty; it is therefore highly suitable for household items.
Maple is a wood from the temperate European zone traditionally used for musical instruments; it has a subtle, fine grain, very distinctive, and a characteristic white colour.
The upward tapering on the legs of this chair makes it even lighter, giving the structure a new freshness.


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Dimensions, essences and finishes in this works are customizable.