Pozzetto del Vento

Cabinet with two sliding doors, made in wood with vertical grain.


SUGGESTED DIMENSIONS: in 64 x h 25.6 x d 21.6

Linden wood

Hand planed and hand carving

Customized and made with:
Italian walnut, European cherry.

Pozzetto del vento is a container with two sliding doors in the upper part. It is made from a single block using wood with vertical grain.
It is hand carved on all sides using a gouge and finished by planing.
The entire manufacturing and finishing process is carried out manually in our workshop.
The wood used for this item is linden, typical of the European climate zone and used in traditional Latin sculpture. With a faint grain, linden is distinguished by a soft but extremely “bonded” fibre: it therefore combines a certain lightness with great mechanical toughness. Its pale colour is highly valued and over time takes on a delicate pink hue.
In this carved structure, there is an extraordinarily modern archaic feel. The image of this cabinet alone can give character to a room.


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Dimensions, essences and finishes in this works are customizable.