Giuseppe Rivadossi, Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere, at the service of mankind and life

Giuseppe Rivadossi is Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere. In order to recognize his title, already informally given to him by the many students and craftsmen with whom he collaborated, Fondazione Cologni – mestieri d’Arte e ALMA, on Monday, 4th of June, in the setting of Triennale di Milano, conferred the prestigious MAM – Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere award for the Wood and Furniture section.

A recognition that brought to the attention of the general public the amazing works of Giuseppe Rivadossi and 76 others among the most significant protagonists of the excellence craftsmanship. Cheered by the public who paid tribute to their talent, the new MAM 2018 were awarded by the General Commission (made up of 16 influential names from the world of culture, art, entrepreneurship and communication) in 23 different categories of artistic craftsmanship and based on their “know how to create well done beauty”.


MAM has publicly paid an emotional and grateful tribute to the many “intelligent hands” who are the creators of the “great beauty” spread along the entire national territory, and which makes us feel like the worthy successors of the Renaissance period and its cultural and human legacy without equal.

The first 2016 edition of the award witnessed the birth of a symbolic Golden Book of Italian Artisan Excellence that added to its pages, this year, the poetic and visionary art of Master Giuseppe Rivadossi. An extraordinary group of over 150 “living treasures” enclosed in a golden volume that awaits only to welcome many other exceptional Italian Masters.

In fact, to keep the historic record of Italian know-how, it is fundamental to defend and promote this unique knowledge of our tradition, because the witness passes the information to new generations and the extraordinary skills of the Masters are not lost, but collected and updated thanks to the project culture and the conscious use of new technologies. Just as happened with Habito, the handcraft woodworking workshop born from the strong desire to offer humanity the living spaces through the unique works of Giuseppe Rivadossi, now supported by his sons Emanuele and Clemente.


During the final ceremony the 77 new MAM received a tangible recognition specially made according to an original design of Scuola dell’Arte della Medaglia dell’Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato. The work of art presented for this second edition is a refined allegory of creative ingenuity, evoked in the delicate profile of the male figure with wings in his hair. The circle between the hands symbolizes the link between mind and heart, passion and sense, through which the craft of art takes shape.

Thanks to the strong communication activity of Fondazione Cologni di ALMA and their numerous partners and supporters, the MAM-Maestro d’Arte e Mestiere recognition also lives outside the award ceremony with a whole series of important initiatives (exhibitions, portals, publications, videos and social activities), focused on bringing the work of Italian Masters to the attention of the general public with constant commitment.